ACI leverages Provana speech analytics to review 100% calls and reduce compliance violationsSpeech Analytics


Client Overview

American Coradius International LLC is a full-service contact center operation with focus on consumer care and account receivables management. They represent some of the country’s largest National and Regional financial institutions and banks

Problem Statement

ACI has always been a very compliant set-up, but they still required an analytics solution to weed out compliance issues otherwise missed by the existing system. ACI’s clients have numerous audits that happen throughout the year. And they were always attentive towards how escalation calls and complaints are handled by their vendors.

ACI had a corporate policy where QAs were manually reviewing 5 calls per agent per month. Some of their clients had a mandate of reviewing more than 5 calls (8-10 calls) leading to an even greater manual effort and burden on the QA team. This effort augmented further owing to unequal distribution of calls in a month requiring extra effort at the end of month (where a greater number of calls were made by collectors). And as they added more clients, they couldn’t add QAs as quickly as they could add collector agents. So, every passing month, they had more calls to be reviewed manually and correspondingly fewer resources available to review those calls.


ACI quickly realized that they needed a partner who has strong execution and technology prowess to solve this problem. ACI has been an early user of speech analytics, but they were not happy with their erstwhile service provider. The business results were not in sync with the time and money investment it needed. That’s when Provana stepped in and implemented the following solution:

  • 100% call review:  ACI has been able to review 100% of calls using Provana’s speech analytics tech
  • Top Notch Calibration: Provana team reviewed and refined the applicable metrics thus making sure the parameters are in accordance with the scoring guideline.  
  • Automated QA scorecards have helped ACI monitor agent compliance and ensure that agents follow all regulations to stay compliant. 
  • Ease of use and customized dashboards: Customized and specific call metrics linked dashboards helped ACI extract findings from data through different graphs and charts.
  • Excellent Customer Service: A dedicated business intelligence analyst has been assigned to implement custom dashboards and reports.
  • Automated Reports: ICAP has automated reporting on internal and external scorecards thus saving time.


  • Improvement in Compliance: ACI has always been a very compliant setup but using ICAP, they were able to identify gaps that further made their compliance process watertight. These compliance violations were earlier not easily recognizable in manual call review process. Some of the highlights:
        a. In one of the projects, ICAP team effectively lifted the compliance from 40%             to 95% in just 2 months.
        b. Capture un-escalated complaints.
  • Time and money saved: Each compliance violation is a potential case of fine and revenue loss. Reduction in escalations and complaints has avoided loss of dollar revenue.
  • Data-driven decision making: ICAP is a comprehensive solution suited to ACI’s requirements. This has given the Supervisors and QA team a holistic view of overall operations helping them leverage data to break down calls better and maximize account receivables recovery. E.g., by leveraging interactive, and intuitive insights/trends reflected on the dashboard.
  • 360-degree feedback loop: ACI team relays the coaching feedback to their agents through the ICAP platform, keeping a repository of all feedback relayed till date and track performance trends.


Call Review


Time and Money


Decision making

“Our team has experienced an elevation in efficiency and organization with IPACS, we continue to find ways to customize it to our needs and the analytics provides us with a better picture of our status in training vendor management and other compliance areas.”

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Chief Administrative Officer, McCarthy Holthus