How Afni Streamlines its Compliance And Performance Management ProcessesCompliance Management


Afni is a burgeoning third-party collection agency based out of Bloomington, Illinois. To support their growing operations, Afni decided to invest in Provana’s platform to connect compliance management with agent monitoring and holistic reporting, eliminating data silos and enabling a more proactive posture to managing its business.


Afni had already built individualized tools for various operational needs across compliance and agent performance. However, the agency was managing all this data on spreadsheets and SharePoints, with each team handling their own reporting and compliance resolution. For example, the QA team had a standalone agent performance tracker, and the vendor management team had a SharePoint for policy and procedure management.

The company needed a one-stop-shop compliance provider to supply a unified solution to address audits, non-conformities, vendor oversight, dispute management, policies and procedure management, and seamless reporting across all operations.


With Provana, Afni found a true partner in compliance management, delivering both robust technology platform and consulting expertise to help streamline compliance processes and reduce overall time spent on managing platforms and reporting.

Utilizing Provana’s compliance management and speech analytics solutions, Afni fine-tuned agent performance scoring to better align with their compliance rules and objectives. Because all Provana solutions are fully integrated, non-conformity flags from the speech solution are seamlessly tracked and managed via the CMS, and necessary training can be automatically pushed to the agent for re-certification and seamless remediation.

Beyond triggering agent training and re-certification based on compliance findings, Afni’s Provana-based CMS auto-generates alerts and reminders for staff to certify on updates to policies and procedures, based on changes in laws, rules and internal postures. This enables Afni to monitor 360-degree adherence to policies and procedures and report on organizational compliance.

Provana’s fully integrated capabilities also help with Afni’s indirect dispute management. The Provana and Afni teams worked together to create customized alerts and logic, pre-populating dispute codes and other fields for improved data accuracy and faster time to resolution. Having this kind of analytics and feedback loop also helps Afni agents pay better attention to errors or talk offs that typically lead to higher dispute volumes.

“Provana’s customer service has been incredible from the start,” said Alicia McKeighan, Chief Compliance Officer at Afni. “We now have total customization over our compliance data and reporting for seamless performance benchmarking and trend analysis. I’ve never been happier with our compliance management system.”


Working with Provana has helped Afni achieve its overall goal of risk mitigation. All stakeholders can now clearly see key risk indicators and issue resolution through non-conformity tracking and cross-platform tracking – demonstrating a holistic view across all factors of compliance.

“My operational partners love Provana – it’s so easy to use and navigate,” added Alicia. “We now have a global view of operations and compliance for more cross-function tracking, logging and remediation, unifying parallel operations that previously happened in silos.”

With Provana’s unified digital operations platform, Afni has fully integrated dispute management, agent performance benchmarking and key performance indicators, all under one house. Afni stakeholders now have a single source of truth for operational, speech and compliance trends.


Unified platform to automate compliance management

Fully Integrated

Nonconformity flags

Customized Scorecards

To fine-tune agent performance

“Our team has experienced an elevation in efficiency and organization with IPACS, we continue to find ways to customize it to our needs and the analytics provides us with a better picture of our status in training vendor management and other compliance areas.”

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