Rigorous Internal And Vendor Audit Programs That Reduce Risk And Cost

Audits are essential to identifying control weaknesses and expected by your regulators and clients. While some organizations simply lack the manpower to perform on-the-ground or internal audits, others don’t know how to create and execute a structured program for auditing and reporting.

Our audit and compliance services leverage our industry knowledge to help you design, implement, and manage a rigorous internal audit program. Backed by our RMA-certified team of experts, we audit thousands of cases each month against defined standards to identify control weaknesses and mitigate risks. The result is effective and affordable auditing that helps ensure you meet regulatory and client demands.

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Working with numerous industry partners and applying industry best practices, we:

  • Create and conduct audit programs for internal and vendor processes
  • Create the flexibility to increase the number or frequency of audits as needed
  • Provide an objective third-party view, offering a fresh look at possible new audit control points
  • Offer variable pricing that allows you to pay for the audits performed, and not for idle time
  • Deliver prompt and meaningful audit results with reporting frequencies defined by your needs
  • Provide actionable data that identifies ways to improve process controls, mitigate risks and correct process failures
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Meet your audit objectives with the provana process

Streamline and optimize key tasks with tech-enabled, data-driven audits. We conduct and deliver accurate, thorough, error-free, and interactive reporting using IPACS, our consumer finance industry-leading compliance management system


Outsourced Internal And Vendor Audit Services

Whether you have internal and vendor audit programs or need help creating them, we have the expertise and knowledge to ensure you’re doing everything required to meet client and regulatory demands.

Design An Audit program

We help design internal and vendor audit programs. They include more than 20 templates that guide you through which control points to audit and how to select audit populations. They can also be used to capture findings, track remediation and report to management.

Conduct Internal And Vendor Audits

We conduct independent, objective and transparent internal and vendor audits through secure remote access. Using randomly selected cases and defined templates, we test key processes and controls, then provide summary and trend reports with suggested remediation actions.

Review Existing Audits

For businesses already conducting internal audits, we perform a review against our industry-tested templates and provide ways to improve your program. For networked enterprises, we offer vendor audit survey templates to help improve existing processes.

Track Vendor Expirations

We track the expiration of required vendor compliance documents and request updated documents from your vendors throughout the year. This helps transform the vendor audit process from an annual event into an ongoing compliance process.

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Reduce Costs, Increase Customer Confidence And Market Share

While audits may not be a direct source of revenue, they undoubtedly bolster your business’s bottom line. Our flexible audit and compliance services:

  • Enhance your compliance profile with clients and increase market share
  • Lower costs by more than 35%
  • Reduce the risk of exposure and lost business
  • Mitigate losses that are incurred when procedures aren’t followed
  • Gain valuable insight into lost revenue opportunities
  • Eliminate the expense of increasing payroll during peak audit times and paying staff during idle times
  • Can be combined with IPACS®, our powerful compliance management system, to streamline and optimize key tasks

Provana delivers a world-class experience to customers by engaging with the industry leaders

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