One Of The Largest Default Law Firms Streamlines Its Court EmailsLegal Tech


One of the largest default and bankruptcy law firms was looking for help with the automation of reading, distributing and saving emails from court websites. They have a nationwide legal, trustee and title network and a robust professional mortgage servicing staff.


The default law firm receives more than 40,000 emails every month from different Federal courts on their bankruptcy filings. Handling such an enormous volume of emails manually is a challenging task resulting in errors, delayed responses, missed important updates etc., which ultimately puts their customers at risk.


They evaluated other partners, but Provana’s email automation solution stood out due to the following reasons –

  • Fully automated solution: Reads through emails and determines which information is important
  • Sort and organize: Downloads email attachments, determines which attachments are needed, renames them and uploads them to a location
  • Greater accuracy: Automation has increased accuracy levels in terms of email acknowledgment and correct information categorization 
  • Shorten project timeline milestones: Timely response to emails ensures tasks are completed within required timelines


Provana’s email automation solution has helped them achieve the following–

  • Increased productivity due to streamlined email processes
  • Reduced customer risk in terms of missing any important update in emails
  • Reduced cost related to hiring, training, and employing staff required to sort emails. Allows for variations in volumes without having to over or under staff.
  • Maximized customer satisfaction due to timely email responses, fast resolution timelines, etc.

They reduced their FTE strength from a team size of 4 people to 1 person after using our email automation solution


automated solution

Sort and organize


Project timeline milestones