5 Reasons to Jump on the Business Intelligence Bandwagon!

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Every company uses some kind of reporting, and we all want to use data to drive smart business decisions. So should you go it alone, or hire an expert? Here are 5 reasons you should jump on the Business Intelligence bandwagon.

1. How about making more money?

If you are missing out on chances in your company, then you’re making less money than you should be. You should be able to rely on a centralized business intelligence solution that is curated by industry experts; lean on industry best-practices to spot money making opportunities in the inventory you already have.

2. Keeping up with the Joneses.

Chances are… the companies who you compete with, the ones who are really doing well, the ones who you see getting client recognition; these companies are already using BI tools to manage their organization. Gain a competitive advantage through better use of your data!

3. Not today, but soon…

Every day is a gift; that’s why they call it the Present! What are the factors that make you delay a BI solution? Is your day too busy, chasing down reports? Too busy, responding to client emails that are telling you how to run your business? Too busy, looking for how to work more effectively? A central BI tool can bring those benefits to your desk. Take the time to work ON your business, instead of just IN it.

4. Too many versions of the truth.

How much time do you waste pulling your own reports, or hearing 3 different versions of the truth from folks who pulled their own reports? Simplify your day, use your time more constructively, and have 1 authoritative version of the truth with a central BI tool.

5. Forecasting for the rest of us

Sometimes the most useful tool we can leverage in forecasting is an objective opinion. Our own thoughts on a forecast are informed by our experience, biases, and opinions. Its good to know that your gut instinct can have a dispassionate objective helper- a robust BI tool that uses machine learning to help tailor and understand your forecasting.

There are simple yet extremely effective Business Intelligence tools available. Seek out a company with industry experience and an understanding of the key drivers of success in your industry.