IPACS Compliance Management features you didn’t know about

Provana’s IPACS® (Integrated Performance Audit and Compliance Software) is a powerful SaaS compliance management system that automates and centralizes compliance tasks to help ensure your business adheres to industry regulations and state and client requirements.

Here’s what gives IPACS® over your current compliance management system:

  • Global Search – Easily search within the content of any document stored in IPACS® using keywords. Our Global Search functionality not only pulls up documents with relevant titles, but also drills down within documents to pull up exact references.
  • Hyperlinks to websites –Attach links to other websites within documents. Upload any type of file as training material. Among other uses, this allows employees to securely access and complete their training in the browser rather than having to download materials for offline use.
  • Client View – Showcase your compliance framework by providing your clients their unique login credentials and having them log in with limited functionalities into your IPACS® instance. This reduces miscommunication between you and your clients and makes sure you are on the same page.
  • Print and Download Restriction – Put restriction on printing and define which roles in the company should have rights to download and print SOPs and Policies to avoid having staff members keep standalone copies of documents on their computers.
  • Document Accessibility Level – From making your documents available to everyone in the company (for documents like security policy) to making them restricted where only certain assigned individuals can view them (for documents like appraisal records), assign different accessibility levels at the document level.
  • Hyperlinking across documents – Hyperlink and have cross references amongst your SOPs and Policies helping users identify any relevant information on any topic.
  • Home Screen Access – Allow your staff members to access SOPs, Policies and related attachments right from their home screens by assigning these documents to them based on their job titles.

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