Increase Call Volume by 20%

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Our data shows that on an average, 40% of collector calls are ineffective. Whether the root issue is hold time, training and development, or overall agent motivation, a key technique to increase collections is to identify and eliminate these ineffective calling methods. To increase the number of effective calls, here are four quick and easy ways to improve agent performance and how speech analytics software can help to do just that.

Personalize Feedback

Feedback is an essential component to the success of an agent. It increases motivation while elevating engagement, but not one size of feedback fits all. No two agents are the same, therefore, their feedback should differ on an assessment of their performance. Invest the time needed to break down the data so that performance reviews are specific to each individual agent.

Not only will this help specify what data points need more focus, but it will also build the career roadmap needed to succeed. A speech analytics platform can enable a precise breakdown of performance KPIs that is tailormade based on each agent’s performance.

Personalize Feedback

Share Best Practices

Track and identify successful calls and share those results with all agents. Hold a group meeting, send out a monthly or weekly report, or have daily group huddles that assess some of the best practices of the calls that the agency is making.

This will reinforce good behavior and encourage agents to rise to the level of their peers. Agent dashboards can be easily displayed and shared through speech analytics software.

Automate Scorecards

Agent scorecards help show the detailed breakdown of performance on calls, but manual tracking of these reports can be a tedious task. A speech analytics software can do the heavy lifting by automating scorecards.

Speech analytics records and listens to every phone call, ensuring that no KPI is missed. The software then grades each call and shares the data in real time with leadership and the agent to encourage ineffective calls to be remedied in a timely manner.


Use Data as A Guide

Don’t let the data slip by. Understanding the call data is an important component to improving agent performance. Data from a speech analytics platform can uncover many trends, roadblocks, and successful strategies while assisting in the overall increase of call volume by 20%. If reviewed consistently, improvements can be made to ensure that progress of agent performance is ongoing.