How to ace 2023 call center performance? Insights from 65 Million Calls

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The collections industry can be both risky and challenging. A single mistake can cost you a lot of money and lower performance reduces your revenue.  How do companies balance compliance (FDCPA, UDAAP, and CFPB) and call center performance while managing their collectors and supervisors?  Manual QA and performance programs are not enough. Limited coaching and QA make it difficult to avoid policy violations or improve productivity and performance.

Tech-enabled collections are the way ahead

But hiring more staff with the same results just increases cost. Technology can help automate and optimize processes. A hybrid model that combines the efficiency of technology and expertise of people is the best solution.

That’s what Provana’s speech analytics solution (ICAP) offers. Our Integrated Consumer Analytics Platform uses call data to generate insights and improve collections programs.

Speech analytics insights that can improve your call center performance

In 2022, we analyzed over 65 million calls and found some key factors that can boost your performance in 2023.  Our analysts focused on three pillars of the high-performing collection contact center- Policy adherence, Productivity increases, and Performance improvements.  The team found four key factors that can boost your call center performance in 2023. So, focus on getting these right and you can be rest assured of a successful year ahead.

  1. Focus on reducing silence time
  2. Listen for coaching opportunities
  3. Track violations for 100% of  calls and not just random 2%
  4. Reduce agent over-talk

Speech Analytics Insights to improve 2023 call center performance

What are the takeaways?

Technology continues to transform this industry.  Leverage Provana as a speech analytics partner to help review all your calls, comply with regulations and improve your agents’ performance.

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