Is your Quality Assurance Program working for you?

Once “dollars collected” used to be the key metric to evaluate a collection agent’s performance. But increasingly, companies are finding that “call quality” is becoming an important, if not the most important, criterion to measure repeatable, sustainable, and compliant performance.

How are you measuring your call quality? Are you using a sampling method that tests a small percentage of your calls for the quality criteria defined by your organization?

How would you like to be able to test, flag, and evaluate 100% of your calls?

Provana’s Integrated Call Analytics Platform (ICAP) sets itself apart from traditional Quality Assurance (QA) programs and other outsourcing solutions by providing a blended machine/human solution that gives you the ability to have oversight on 100% of consumer communication.

Here are some ways in which ICAP can radically improve your QA process:

    1. Quantitatively Superior –ICAP allows automated monitoring of 100% calls, ensuring that results provide an accurate picture of call center performance.
    2. Qualitatively Superior –ICAP’s objective scoring and constant calibration ensures accuracy and allows QA resources to review a focused sample of calls flagged by the machine, even as 100% of the calls are available for monitoring.
    3. High touch, High Engagement Model – ICAP Client managers are available for a weekly engagement with you to calibrate findings and ensure feedback is being effectively utilized.
    4. Direct and Almost Real Time Feedback –ICAP dashboards allow for almost real time reporting and direct feedback to agents, reducing the turnaround time of feedback reaching an agent.
    5. Focus on Remediation as opposed to Housekeeping Activities –With the ICAP team taking over the day to day reporting and other housekeeping activities, you can focus all your efforts to ensure your QA program is calibrated with your internal and external requirements for effective and compliant communication with customers.

ICAP is a cloud-based platform implemented, administered and continuously maintained by a dedicated Provana team. There’s no implementation fee, and no IT infrastructure or in-house team is required. Click here to schedule a call or visit with a Provana specialist today.

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