Provana Named NCBA-Certified Vendor

NCBA Subcontractor Oversight Program Certifies Provana as Best-in-Class Service Provider 

Provana, provider of the industry’s first unified platform for compliance and performance management, today announced it is now certified by the National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA) Subcontractor Oversight Program as an industry-certified vendor. As part of its long-standing affiliation with NCBA, Provana embraced its participation in the NCBA vendor certification program and was pleased with its results and high marks, particularly around compliance and security protocols.  

“The Subcontractor Oversight Program is a great way to partner with vendors in our industry and provide mutual value to the entire ARM community, from creditor to law firm to service provider,” said Liz Terry, Executive Director at NCBA. “We’re delighted that industry leaders, such as Provana, are continuing to provide value to our association, demonstrating commitment towards continuous improvement for better consumer treatment and ongoing regulatory and compliance rigor.” 

“Provana’s driving principle continues to be rooted in providing comprehensive compliance as the foundation to our industry-leading products and services,” said David Vick, Senior Vice President at Provana. “We’re glad to participate in NCBA’s vendor certification program and are eager to find more opportunities to drive down compliance costs while increasing its impact on positive outcomes.” 


Why Use NCBA-Certified Subcontractors?  

  • Credibility. NCBA Subcontractors have undergone a rigorous assessment through Crowe LLP so clients can comfortably say their vendors have all the necessary and correct protections in place.  
  • Confidence. NCBA member firms can feel confident in knowing that subcontractors have been thoroughly audited. Third party assessments seek to protect NCBA members through industry best practices in contracts, human resources, information security and protection of non-public information, consumer interactions, visible and environmental security, incident reporting, business continuity and disaster recovery, and insurance. 

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