Provana Solutions to Help Covid-19 Impacted Businesses

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This is an unprecedented time for everyone – our hearts and thoughts go out to you. At Provana, we understand that it’s even more important for businesses to continue functioning as reliably as they can – there are too many people counting on you.

We want you to know that we’re here to help you in any way we can – if there’s any Provana product or service that can help your business, please let us know right away.

Here are some ways our other clients are leveraging Provana solutions:

1. Monitor Remote Workers through Speech Analytics:

Since a large chunk of your employees might be working remotely, our call analytics and recording solution can help you monitor their calls to:

  • Leverage the new Pandemic Hardship Response dashboard to track in near real-time what your consumers are saying.
  • Effectively monitor remote workers and analyze their calls to supervise communication strategy: Are they empathetic to the consumers? Is their language appropriate? Are they using your approved Hardship scripts?
  • Capture remote workers’ screens to monitor what they are working on,
  • Provide business intelligence that gives you immediate visibility into collectors’ productivity
  • Track calls to monitor trends week over week and use it to coach other agents.

2. Reduce agenT dependency through digital collection solutions:

As you work through staff interruptions and an increased count of remote agents, companies are accelerating the deployment of digital communication methods.

Use IVR and voicemail to point your consumers directly towards an online payment portal and a live chat tool so communication can continue even when your agents are not 100% available.


3. Access our on-demand workforce to augment staff shortage:

If your collectors are taking time off, or are not able to function effectively, we can help you with a flexible, reliable and affordable workforce specifically trained for the roles you require:


Our on-demand workforce ensures that even as you’re restructuring your team or setting up individuals to work from home, your organization’s productivity and business operations don’t take a hit. The Provana Perfect Employee outsourcing model ensures that you get a flexible, reliable, and affordable workforce that is specifically trained for the roles your industry requires.

4. Use data analytics to get insights and improve efficiency:

Our team is working to build backlog tracking mechanisms which allow you to redirect the workforce away from collection activities that may be curtailed into other areas where they can focus their effort productively.

Additionally, we’re working on tools that take current market conditions and allow more flexible forecasting, enabling greater insights into your business impact.


5. Ensure remote workers stay compliant:

Our compliance management solution allows rapid deployment of new client requirements or existing policies into a certification framework, allowing the staff to stay abreast of updates and get more certifications even as they work remotely. We have also built a custom dashboard that will further simplify how you track your team’s training and certifications.


6. Custom Covid-19 Newsfeed:

We’re setting up a dedicated source to monitor all Covid-19 related news in one place – especially curated for the ARM industry – to help you stay on top of the situation.

7. Track complaints specific to Covid-19:

Since it’s important to flag all Covid-19 complaints, we’re also working on deploying a dashboard to easily track any complaints where consumers mentioned Covid-19 or Coronavirus.

We’re with you – through the good and bad. If you feel any of the features above can help you, don’t worry about the costs right now and reach out to us – we’ll have you set up right away.

All of us at Provana wish you, your loved ones, and your team good health in the months to come.