3 Tips to Achieve QA Intelligence with Your Speech Program

In a conventional call center setting, the high volume of calls that need to be reviewed and classified manually are too voluminous to quality score 100%. Since this manual exercise turns QA into an exhaustive and time-consuming routine, many businesses often end up reviewing only a 1% sampling of their calls for QA and compliance.

Thanks to speech technology, the need for manual QA reviews is decreasing. For growth-focused collection agencies invested in advanced speech analytics, automation of call quality-compliance reviews is now possible.

But to effectively automate the call review process, QA pros must first institute classification models that identify patterns of words, phrases, tone, etc. to accurately categorize agent-consumer interactions. These categories should then be directly tied to KPIs within your agent scoring dashboard.

For example, in the case of checking mini-Miranda compliance, the data classification model wound need to include categories such as “script-adherence,” “right party contact,” and “self-identification.” If all categories are checked – i.e. script adherence, right-party contact, and self-identification – the agent’s QA score is 100%. If one of the categories is unchecked, or scored 0, the call is then flagged for QA managers to go back and review/conduct additional agent training.

If you are using an advanced speech analytics solution, but still struggling to refine your QA program for optimal agent productivity and compliance, here are three tips that should help you make the most of the speech technology to achieve QA intelligence.

1. Ensure 100% call coverage

Traditionally, contact centers analyze a random sample of around 1% or less of calls. This method is rather self-selecting and not statistically representative. Sign up for a speech analytics platform that can provide 100% analysis across all calls and deliver a much more comprehensive, accurate view of what is happening in the contact center. This will help you maintain compliance, automate the QA process, and set the stage for process optimization and consumers experience improvements.

2. Make transcription-based analytics your best pal

Tap into transcription-based analytics (TBA), which will help you convert conversational speech to text. This way, you will be able to automatically create a text version of an unsuccessful phone call, allowing unlimited text searches when trying to determine the root cause of the issues. The context of words can be considered to avoid false positives. A text version of calls will make it possible to process data with other techniques such as data mining. This way, TBA will also automatically alert analysts to new topics for trend analysis.

3. Pause and reflect

Reflect on important questions such as “Why is the business witnessing a sudden spike in silence time?” or “Why is the number of unclassified calls suddenly increasing? Regardless of the size of your firm or how many dedicated QA resources you have, the type of data you’ll receive from automated speech technology should make it easy for you to identify performance trends and make course corrections as needed. We also recommend working with an experienced speech provider, like Provana, who can add additional context and value based on decades of experience helping companies streamline QA processes and improve agent performance.

Are you confident in your speech analytics know-how?

For the last few years, collection agencies have been using call center speech analytics to help reduce delinquencies, mitigate losses, and maximize their accounts receivable recovery. However, due to the lack of best practices in the landscape, only a handful of agencies’ speech programs can quickly evolve as per customer preferences and lead to better collection yield. We have captured all these practices in an eBook that will help you uncover all “Four Pillars of a Competitive, Foolproof Speech Program.” Other than QA must-do’s, eBook has listed out best practices around agent scorecards, real-time call analysis, and top-notch sentiment analysis. You can download your copy here.