Use These Speech Analytics Features to Improve Your Quality Assurance Program

“Call quality” is increasingly becoming an essential criterion to measure the repeatable, sustainable, and compliant performance of any collection business. This explains why most collection agencies use speech analytics platforms to test, flag, and evaluate their calls. Interestingly, most of these agencies usually use these platforms without tapping their full potential, failing to strengthen their traditional Quality Assurance (QA) programs and continue to struggle with increasing call volume.

Thanks to fully managed, advanced speech platforms, agencies can now largely automate their quality assurance and performance management, collecting information right down to the individual agent level. Here are some key speech analytics features that you can and should use to radically improve your QA program:

1. 100% Call Monitoring

Make sure you choose or switch to a digitally calibrated speech solution for automated monitoring of 100% of calls so that you can get an accurate picture of your call center’s performance. By monitoring and categorizing 100% of calls, you can always reduce the amount of time, and in some cases headcount, required to carry out QA.

2. High Touch, High Engagement Model

A highly intuitive speech platform like ICAP comes with assigned client managers. Do not miss weekly engagements with these managers to make sure they calibrate your feedback in your copy of the platform, helping you automate crucial QA workflows.

3. Agent Performance Dashboards

You can always use speech analytics dashboards for near-real-time reporting and direct feedback to agents. Work with your speech provider to get these dashboards customized to your organization’s needs. This exercise should help you reduce the turnaround time of feedback reaching an agent, helping you close the expectation-performance gap promptly.

Focus on Remediation vs Housekeeping Activities

With speech analytics taking over the day-to-day reporting and other housekeeping activities, you can direct all your efforts to your QA program. ICAP is a cloud-based platform implemented, administered, and managed by team Provana. There’s no IT infrastructure or in-house team required to make the most of our advanced, comprehensive speech platform. If you are seeking cost optimization through automating QA, click here to schedule a call with a Provana specialist today.