What is call center recording, and why should your business implement it

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There are very few businesses with a call center capability that have not embraced call recording technology in the last few years. Today, call center recording solutions are a vital part of call quality management, helping call center managers to understand whether their agents are correctly following call flows and fulfilling basic performance requirements.

Knowing how to record a call effectively helps businesses to comply with industry regulations and laws regarding customer (consumer) consent and notification. It also allows them to identify areas of improvement in their call center and use them in their business.

What is call center recording and why do businesses need it?

Call center recording is a straightforward process of collecting audio (and sometimes screen activity) connected with agent-customer interactions. Businesses may record their inbound and outbound calls out of compliance requirements; they may record calls to collect proof of transaction. Insights collected from recorded calls can also be used to drive better customer experiences and make informed business decisions. This explains why call recording has become call center managers, QA teams, or team leads’ most dependable asset.

Depending on the objective, call center recording benefits may vary per industry. If you are a healthcare provider, recording all calls helps you with compliance adherence. And, if you are an auto dealer, you can use call recording as an effective tool for monitoring your sales agents. However, irrespective of the industry, call center recording can always help you improve your call center metrics and CSAT score.

Call center recording can also help you transform your:

Quality assurance program

In a typical call center, only 2-3% of all calls get manually reviewed to drive quality control programs. This can negatively impact the overall performance of your call center.

A call recording software can empower you to perform effective call monitoring in your call center to uncover areas of improvement. After reviewing recorded calls, you can set/adjust your agent KPIs.

Agent compliance and performance

When used with speech analytics, call recording can help you maximize call center performance and minimize compliance violations. Call recording can be used to check if agents are sticking to pre-approved on-call scripts. Looking at the compliance violation patterns detected in a speech platform can further help you design more specific training programs.

Collection strategies

If you are a collection-focused business, call center recording can help you tweak your collection strategies for success.  By having your service provider integrate speech analytics into your call recording platform, you can unlock a data treasure trove that can inform your consumer contact strategies and help you do more with fewer agents.

Training programs

Every business needs to constantly improve their training programs to meet the standards, compliance and performance objectives. Their training programs need to cover ‘crest to trough’ requirements of new and experienced call center agents. Call center call recordings can offer right amount of caution and guidance to your agents. The classification of good and bad calls can inform your training programs and create better business outcomes.

Dispute resolution

There are often disputable situations on ‘who said what’ in call centers that deal with financial transactions. Only way to deal with any customer-agent dispute is listening to recorded phone calls. Being able to record all inbound and outbound agent-customer conversations can help you resolve all disputes objectively and without any confirmation biases. 

Tips to choose the right call center recording solution

Given many call recording platforms look similar in features and predicted outcomes, it is important to take time to understand and prioritize the elements of each solution that are best suited to your business model. High-quality call recording at a high compression rate, enhanced search and playback capabilities, detailed call activity reporting, intuitive browser-based interface, and compatibility with all phone systems are some of the features you should look for. Remember – a recording platform can transform your contact center only if it does not disrupt your existing workflows and reporting structures at the time of implementation. Hence, make sure you pick an easy-to-install, configure, and manage solution.

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