Why the ‘Accidental Entrepreneur’ Should Consider BPM

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Many of the clients we work with at Provana are small and medium size busines owners and entrepreneurs who are living out their dreams and running their organizations with lean teams focused on efficiency and excellence in customer service. It’s not uncommon for these big-picture thinkers to become surprised when process-intensive operations get in the way of progress. That’s where Business Process Management (BPM) comes into play.

For SMB owners, BPM can enable previously unattainable opportunities to streamline processes, increase team productivity and maintain compliant operations without having to dedicate extra resources.

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Provana’s CEO, Sandeep Bhargava, recently examined similar challenges in his Forbes thought leadership column. In his latest article, Accidental Entrepreneur: Scaling Effectively, Sandeep laid out a blueprint for SMBs to achieve scale through BPM. Always at a disadvantage when compared to larger enterprises with deeper pockets and broader resources, SMBs face systemic obstacles to scale that can be addressed with BPM solutions available on the market today.

“While these may seem like unfair advantages,” Sandeep writes, “SMBs have advantages of their own that can be exploited to find scale through effective use of technology and resources.” For business owners that consider BPM and outsourcing, leveraging turnkey solutions that combine expertise with technology, rather than piecing together best of breed tools, tends to translate for faster, more sustainable success, says Sandeep.

As an extension of BPM, knowledge process outsourcing can help provide a reliable and affordable workforce that’s trained in best practices and the leading industry standards. KPO also enables leadership to quickly scale-up or scale-down resources based on fluctuating production needs.

If you’re looking to scale your operations and streamline your collections processes, BPM can help. We’d love to talk with you to learn more about your unique needs. Drop us a line.