Holistic Business Intelligence

Data-driven insights are essential to improve business productivity and scalability, but disconnected systems and data silos often inhibit progress.

Provana’s Business Intelligence as a Service (BIS) solution provides a single source of truth by automating data collection and consolidation from disparate systems. Gain valuable insight into transaction status, call center operations, reporting status, and more within a single dashboard. With this business-wide intelligence, BIS helps you forecast productivity and profitability based on data like collection trends, seasonality, and propensity-to-pay data. With agent scoring and productivity monitoring, BIS customers see their average payment expectations increase by 10% or more.

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Workflows Automated


Automated Refresh Process


Worth Cost savings through automated reporting (approximately 1 FTE)

Business Reporting at your Fingertips

BIS bridges the gap between disparate systems, presenting unified insights on a single dashboard. Easy to use, simple to implement and budget-friendly, BIS delivers the power of big data to any size business.

Advanced Analytics, Simple Implementation

While BIS is an advanced platform that performs complex tasks, implementing it is simple, often requiring two hours or less of your time. We handle management and maintenance, as well as ongoing analyst support, customization and training

Integrate data from platforms you already use.




Web Pages

Azure SQL Databases

Azure Analysis Services

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SharePoint Lists




Google Analytics

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