Call Center Speech Analytics

Effective monitoring is essential to a call center. But manual monitoring is labor-intensive and inefficient. And most call analytics programs demand a steep financial investment and in-house technical support.

ICAP® (Integrated Consumer Analytics Platform) offers AI-powered call monitoring that’s significantly more affordable than the competition. Partnering with CallMiner, we’ve built a speech analytics platform that automatically monitors and objectively scores every call, providing deep insight into which calls to focus on and drastically reducing the need for internal monitoring.

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> 50%

Reduction in call regulatory violations for 3 agencies in their network


Risk Management


Automated sync process

Improve Productivity And Profitability

Beyond the automation and ease it brings to call center monitoring, ICAP can help improve productivity, performance and profitability by:

  • Gathering larger data sets, allowing you to identify trends faster
  • Improving call quality and customer relationships
  • Increasing call volume per agent by 20%
  • Identifying winning methods that can be turned into best practices
  • Eliminating the time spent manually monitoring calls and providing feedback
  • Reducing customer complaints by 50%
ICAP Call Center

Sharper Performance Through Cutting-Edge Technology

ICAP’s innovative features help transform your call center by increasing productivity and decreasing costs, providing affordable cutting-edge technology to companies of all sizes. And when used with our call monitoring KPO, ICAP eliminates the need to staff an internal team.

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