ARM Firm Uses BPM To Scale According To Rapidly Changing DemandBPM Services


Alpha Recovery Corp is a full-service Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) firm with locations in Colorado and Arizona, focused on delivering top-notch client services in a compliant manner. In response to rapidly fluctuating market demands and a changing regulatory landscape, Alpha Recovery Corp needed a partner in Business Process Management (BPM) that could be flexible to the firm’s needs.


Alpha Recovery Corp wanted to maintain a balanced workforce that could accommodate their client demands. Working with Provana, the firm was able to determine the most efficient way to scale their business with a BPM partner, while following CFPB rules and meeting client requirements.

As an experienced ARM solution provider, Provana was able to support the firm’s changing needs with a qualified, highly-educated and well-trained workforce that could scale-up or -down over time.

Responsive BPM

Rapidly scale up and down, based on current demand


Seamless knowledge transfer and training on SOPs