A Collection Law Firm Uses Provana’s BI as a Service solution To Bring More Value to Their ClientsBusiness Intelligence


Aubrey Thrasher, LLC is a collections law firm offering a broad range of legal services to commercial and consumer lenders, purchasers of future receivables, equipment finance companies, and debt buyers. They have more than 15 years of experience with pre-suit collections, creditor rights litigation, post-judgment actions, real and personal property foreclosures, and bankruptcy matters.  


Aubrey was looking for a BI solution that offers a sleek data visualization platform making it easier to view data and interpret results. Their in-house collection software did not have a sophisticated data reporting system with a robust graphical interface and data visualization capabilities. They spent a lot of time in manual reporting eating into their productivity.  


A large client of Aubrey was using Provana’s BI as a Service (BIS) solution, and that is how they came to know about it. Aubrey was also able to see how their client can leverage the reports and measure performance with the help of different KPIs/metrics.  

One of the benefits of Provana’s BIS solution is its ability to capture legal and financial data, combine them and help draw inferences on an account and client level. With the help of these inferences, Aubrey’s decision-making became quick, data-driven, and performance-focused. 

“Working with Provana has been great. Any time a change or adjustment is needed – they do it correctly, promptly, and with amazing customer service. We couldn’t ask for a better team or product.” 

Derek Hartsfield, Manager, Portfolio Performance, Aubrey Thrasher 


With Provana’s BIS solution, Aubrey leveraged the power of data and applied it in their daily operations. 

  • Increase client satisfaction. With less time spent on manual data reporting, Aubrey can devote more time to address clients’ issues and sharing data with them in a structured manner.
  • Ease of Use. The user interface of Provana’s BIS solution is intuitive, easy to navigate, and seamless. 
  • Near real-time reporting. Data across multiple systems get updated in Provana’s BIS solution automatically. We don’t need to worry about manual export and time lag, expediting our decision-making. 

    We have been able to save 75% of our time every week previously spent on manual reporting. This has allowed our teams to spend more time on core business areas delivering maximum impact.

  • Data-driven culture. Provana’s BIS solution is easy to navigate. Aubrey’s employees with less experience in the data or reporting realm can use it without much training. Aubrey’s team has fully embraced Provana’s BIS solution helping them build a data-driven culture within their organization. 
  • Superior customer service. The Provana team is just a call away when we want any support with custom reports etc. This unique combination of technology and human support sets them apart from other players in the industry. 

Near real-time reporting

Data across multiple systems get updated

Ease of Use

Easy to navigate

75% time savings

Less time spent on manual data reporting