Omnichannel Debt Repayment And Customer Service App

Collecting payments is labor-intensive and involves too many steps. Between the multiple calls made to customers, the return calls with long holds, and the back and forth exchange of documents and payment negotiations, traditional collections suffer from protracted lifecycles, low ROI and ever-increasing frustration.

IConnect247® is the first all-in-one debt repayment and customer service app. From setting up payments and exchanging documents to live chat and push alerts, IConnect247 streamlines the collection process and enhances the consumer experience. Now you can easily connect with consumers while providing a self-service option that increases payments and reduces costs.


Lower Costs, Increased Payments

Unlike other apps, IConnect247 produces real business results. The mix of user convenience and all-in-one functionality helps increase payments and reduce costs – over 50% of users set up payment plans without agent support. IConnect247 can also:

  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Reduce call volume
  • Lower the cost of customer interaction
  • Improve turnaround time for payments
  • Free agents to focus on more challenging accounts
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Self-Service Payments And Customer Support In One App

IConnect247’s convenient self-service features provide an enhanced customer experience and an appealing alternative to receiving agent calls.

Reduce Call Volume And Increase Payments