Transforming Collections With Technology-Centric Outsourcing

The rising cost of debt recovery makes it critical that you optimize your collection process. Between stricter compliance, labor shortages and reduced collection fees, there’s little margin for non-revenue-generating tasks. To maximize profits, your agents need to be speaking with customers, not dialing wrong numbers and confirming RPC.

Our collections services combine our extensive industry experience, Perfect Employee® outsourcing model and proprietary platforms to increase productivity and revenue. Through comprehensive strategies, highly trained associates and innovative technology, we provide effective solutions designed to meet your goals and transform your business.

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Our collections services include:

  • Customized strategies designed to increase collections
  • FDCPA certified associates with an average of three-plus years’ experience collecting debt across industries
  • A team thoroughly trained on security, federal regulations, debtor psychology, skip tracing and asset location
  • Innovative add-on proprietary platforms, including:
  • IPACS® compliance management system
  • IPA® business analytics dashboards
  • ICAP® call center speech analytics
  • IConnect247® collection resolution app

A Holistic Approach To Collections

Whether you employ our outsourcing services independently or use
them in conjunction with our platforms to maximize results,
we offer solutions for every stage of collections.

Services For Small And Medium-Sized Lenders

Because customer retention is as important as the collection, our associates employ firm but diplomatic strategies designed to maintain goodwill.

Solutions For Collection Agencies

We work with your team to aggressively pursue a range of delinquent accounts, including low-balance late-stage accounts.

Specialized Solutions

Our associates undergo in-depth compliance training, are certified prior to assignment and receive follow-ups annually or when standards change.

All-In-One Solution

Amplify your collections by combining our KPO and technology solutions. Improve your insight, compliance, productivity and profitability.


Forget These Common Outsourcing Myths

You Can Increase Productivity And Performance With KPO


The Foundation You Need, The Innovation You Want

More than just an option, our all-in-one solution is the ideal – a skilled global workforce performing in concert with leading-edge technology to maximize performance, productivity and profitability.

Our suite of platforms streamlines and automates key processes, delivers valuable insights and improves both compliance and customer experience. The platforms also focus the efforts of our well-trained workforce on highly targeted tasks. The combination can help optimize your business by:

  • Identifying high-opportunity accounts, allowing agents to target those that are likely to pay.
  • Ensuring agents remain up to date on certifications, training and testing.
  • Providing agent-specific performance data that can be used for individualized training to improve techniques, compliance and customer satisfaction.
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Collections Services Designed To Drive Revenue

Ultimately, your priority is the bottom line. That’s why we’re committed to
providing you with effective collection services that:

Ensure a month-over-month increase in liquidation

Follow a 24-7 work culture that’s productive around the clock, ensuring we penetrate all time zones

Leverage our low cost-to-collect to aggressively ramp up the team when needed without sacrificing quality

Combine Technology And Outsourcing To Drive Revenue

Learn How Our Collections Services Can Increase Profits