Automated Dispute Resolution

The most compliant, efficient, and cost-effective way to manage your direct and indirect (e-OSCAR) disputes, integrated seamlessly with your existing ecosystem.

Reduce compliance risk by efficiently managing direct and indirect (e-OSCAR) disputes in a single platform.

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Why Provana?

Because dispute management doesn’t exist in a vacuum

Provana is a leading provider of automation and outsourcing in the credit and collection space – we aspire to positively impact your process, performance, and profits at every step of the way.

With Provana, you get:

Industry leader for 10 years with hundreds of happy clients

Part of a holistic compliance platform allowing rapid scalability

End-to-end SaaS solutions with a compliance-first approach

Data furnishers without managed technology spend almost 2x the time and cost required to manage their disputes

Are you also one of them?

Managing direct and e-OSCAR automated credit dispute verifications (ACDVs) is a manpower-intensive, redundant, and one of the most high-volume activities done in the ARM industry

IPACS gets you a completely hands-off approach to dispute management using a unique combination of automation + manpower.

  • Disputes across channels managed on a single platform
  • Automated workflows ensuring nothing falls through the cracks
  • Customized rule-based automation for dispute resolution
  • Fully managed solution saving up to 60% cost
  • Timely Resolution of Disputes
  • Powerful Reporting to get insights on trends and root causes

Automated, Simplified and Managed End-to End

IPACS® Dispute management solution provides an end-to-end solution to help you manage all your direct and indirect (e-Oscar) disputes. With a blend of system automation and our tech-enabled services, you can reduce your manual efforts and save cost you are spending today in managing these disputes by almost 60%.

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Complaints and dispute management with IPACS

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From software to managed - with limitless customizability


Standalone Software

  • Single platform that integrates with your SOR to manage & resolve direct and e-OSCAR disputes
  • Automatic rule-based resolution based on standard dispute conditions
  • Digitization and OCR capabilities for dispute documentation

Technology + Team 100% Managed

  • All the benefits of the standalone software
  • Dedicated agents to validate and respond to disputes
  • End-to-end management including preparation of correspondence letters

Manage Disputes Across Multiple Channels In One Platform