Using Speech to Boost Compliance & Productivity

Presented by Contract Callers & Provana

About the Webinar

This on-demand webinar with Contract Callers reviews best practices for generating compliant call center operations. Business executives, operations leads and IT heads have long searched for technology-enabled solutions to help eliminate data silos and support a more productive workforce. This webinar dives into Contract Callers’ method to achieve Reg F-compliant operations by merging speech analytics, QA and agent performance metrics into a single solution that delivers meaningful intelligence to board members, ops and compliance chiefs, and call center team leads alike.


LaDonna Bohling_Contract Callers

Chief Strategy Officer
Contract Callers Inc.

With over two decades of experience in the Accounts Receivable Management industry, LaDonna has held leadership roles that span compliance, operations and business development. This diverse background has helped LaDonna transform Contract Callers’ ARM operations from a highly manual effort to a technology-enabled team that thrives in a highly automated, integrated environment.

Deepak Rajput

Practice Leader, Consumer Experience Solutions

Deepak has more than 18 years of experience working with technology to improve and automate complex operations within the ARM space. Specifically, he is an expert in contact center best practices and how to leverage a combination of technology and processes to improve productivity. He offers a spectrum of observations from his broad credit and collections background.