Law Firm Outsources Key Litigation Support To Serve More ClientsBPM Services


Gordon & Partners was founded in 1993 with the desire to give voice to individuals that had become victims of unexpected injury. In almost three decades, the firm grew to include more than 20 decorated trial attorneys who have represented thousands of clients and won more than $1 Billion on their behalf.


Despite Gordon & Partners’ growing team and resources, the firm’s client base was outgrowing its capacity to scale. With a need to rapidly expand its capabilities, Gordon & Partners looked for a partner in case management that could help the firm manage the many details associated with claims filing, help resolve claims faster and generally enable the firm to take on more clients.

“It is increasingly difficult to hire strong talent for the legal back office,” said Michael Hoffman, Senior Attorney at Gordon & Partners. “Rather than dedicating the firm’s valuable resources to hiring and retention, we shifted our focus toward outsourcing case management. This has helped us boost productivity, focus on delivering value and support even more individuals in need.”


Provana’s business process outsourcing model stood out to Gordon & Partners because of its flexibility to support every part of the legal process. From document review and preparation to operations management and mail processing Provana’s trained, knowledgeable staff supports compliance, productivity and profit.

Gordon & Partners chose to leverage the Provana Perfect Employee to support more clients without increasing labor costs. Depending on the firm’s monthly volume of cases, it can scale-up or scale-down its operations, drastically reducing overhead costs by over 50%.


Working with Provana, Gordon & Partners quickly scaled their workforce to accommodate a rapidly growing client base and support revenue expansion. In addition, Provana helped the firm standardize operations and create outcome-based practices. In summary, Gordon & Partners:


Increased its monthly capacity by 30% without raising operational cost.


Eliminated costs associated with hiring, training and retaining staff.


Established additional structure around operations management, including claims procedure and workflow documentation.


Streamlined case preparation processes to resolve cases more quickly.


More Claims processed month-over-month


Standardized file processing time


Reduction in annual labor cost