Reliable And Flexible Finance Management For The Collections Industry

There may be no task more vital than managing your business’s finances. From invoicing and reconciliation to posting payments and paying vendors, accurate accounting affects the success – or failure – of your business. However, monthly, weekly and daily swings in transaction volume make optimal staffing difficult.

Our finance and accounting services use our Perfect Employee® outsourcing model to provide a skilled, compliant and flexible workforce to manage your finance needs. One of the largest virtual finance departments servicing the recovery industry, we have deep experience in end-client processes and requirements, and are adept at processing in multiple platforms.

Finance and accounting
Finance and accounting copy

Key Benefits

  • Dedicated and reliable management of finance and accounting tasks, unaffected by competing priorities
  • Experienced and trained staff to ensure accurate, consistent and timely outputs
  • Flexible staffing to increase capacity during peak monthly periods and decrease it during slower periods

Professional Support From An Experienced Industry Leader

At the core of our finance and accounting services are our deep expertise and years of experience in the collections industry. Our solutions include professional accounting support for a wide range of critical finance functions.

Transaction-Level Accounting

  • Payment posting
  • Payment adjustments
  • Direct payments
  • Cost posting
  • Cost and e-filing reconciliation
  • Balance adjustments

Client Accounting

  • Client remittances
  • Fee and cost invoices
  • Accounts receivable posting
  • Accounts receivable analysis
  • Client reimbursement reconciliation and rebilling
  • Billing for hourly or fixed-fee work

General Accounting

  • Bank and trust reconciliation
  • End-client required reconciliation templates
  • General ledger posting
  • Forecasting
  • Vendor payments and employee expense reimbursements
  • Payment and cost audits

Reliable Accounting That Protects Your Profits

Although accounting is thought of as a non-revenue-generating support function, failing to manage it in an accurate and timely manner can have a negative financial impact. Our finance and accounting services help protect your profits and improve your bottom line by:

  • Reducing costs by 35% or more compared to internal management
  • Freeing valuable resources to focus on core collection activities
  • Eliminating the need to staff during periods of slower activity
  • Mitigating unnecessary costs and penalties resulting from late or inaccurate processing
Finance and relaible accounting

Experienced Accounting You Can Count On


Each month, we process over

client remittances.


Each month, we complete

trust account reconciliations.


Each month, we process more than



Each month, we process more than

cost postings.


Each month, we process over

accounts receivable postings.


Each month, we process over

payment reversals.

Poor Financial Management Can Eat Away At Profit

Our Finance And Accounting Services Can Help Protect Your Profits