SCRA Scrubs and OCR Solution

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IDP Intelligent

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SCRA Compliance Scrub

Automate your batch scrubbing processes for service members and reduce manpower expenses

Data Redaction

Ensure document security through optical character recognition (OCR)

Flex Indexing

Transform unstructured documents into business-ready data through automated optical recognition and categorization

SCRA Compliance Scrub

SCRA violations often top the list of complaints reported by consumers to the CFPB and OCC. An automated, reliable, SCRA Compliance Scrub solution eliminates costs and regulatory burdens associated with non-compliance of SCRA guidelines. With our hosted application, you get a close to zero IT footprint solution: there’s nothing you need to develop and nothing you need to maintain.

  • Faster file processing times
  • Agility to scrub your entire portfolio or only accounts in a specific status
  • No limitations on file size or placement frequency
  • DMDC Site Status Notifications
  • Internal daily validation tests to ensure the accuracy of the results
  • Individual pdf certificates for each file processed
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Data Redaction

Manual redaction is a massive waste of resources. The amount of incoming data that requires review is going to keep growing larger, and compliance regulations and cost for the proper redaction of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) will continue to expand along with it. Leverage our automated redaction tool that accurately captures 98% of PII instances, and our Quality Control team ensuring 100% compliance.

  • Simplify redaction processes and ensure compliance
  • Ensure batch redaction in a fraction of time
  • Identify PII text and barcodes through Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Release processed documents via FTP transfer
  • Ensure result accuracy through our internal validation teams

FLEX Indexing

Arguably just as important as redaction is the extraction of valuable data from your documents – and with sizeable databases, it is no less time-consuming.

Streamline repetitive, manual processes to extract data from your documents with an automated solution that recognizes and categorizes your media.

  • Implement an end-to-end data management system that transforms unstructured documents into ordered, usable data.
  • Minimize the need for manual verification
  • Recognize and verify data through database comparison, rule-based logic, and user-defined checks

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Collection agencies
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