How a Large Debt Buyer Saves Operating Cost on Manual Media Exchange ProcessInformation Exchange


The Debt buyer is an account receivables management company focused on working with consumers to resolve outstanding satisfactorily resolutions. They offer creditors an opportunity to partner with their servicer network which has extensive expertise managing accounts receivables from both collection and litigation perspectives 


The Debt Buyer managed the document exchange process within their network of third-party recovery servicers via the FTP system. The process lacked features like automated assignment of documents at the time of placement, recall and replacement, searching for a document related to an account, etc. Due to the absence of these functionalities, their team used to spend a lot of time manually managing the exchange of documents and tracking duplicate media requests from servicers giving them less time to focus on other strategic activities.  

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Reduction in FTE count used for
manual media exchange

Shorter Legal Lifecycle

Streamlined document
exchange within your servicer
network with no time lags

Increased Productivity & Collaboration within your servicer network

No duplicate work or manual
media management leads to
greater productivity and