How a Large Multi-State Creditor’s Rights Firm Meets Their Compliance Goals With Better Policy Management and TrainingCompliance Management


A large multi-state creditor’s rights firm with an expansive client base, including major banks and auto lenders partnered with Provana to better manage their policies and training requirements across the organization to meet compliance needs with an automated compliance management solution.


As a large multi-state creditor’s rights firm working with major banks and auto lenders, our client must follow thorough audit and compliance processes. They wanted to restructure their policy management and internal audit procedures in line with the increasing regulatory scrutiny and clients’ audit requirements.

Before using Provana’s compliance management solution, the firm used their shared drives to store hundreds of policies and SOPs. For every revision, they used to have a version of the documents edited and reuploaded, followed by email trails sent manually across the firm for attestation. Following this process for nearly 300 policies and SOPs was time-consuming and inefficient. Without any centralized system, their staff members were using papers or post-it notes to track changes in the work standards. This method of writing down instructions was not reliable for following the latest change and might create regulatory issues or lawsuits for the firm and its clients. Finding up-to-date documents for reference in case of a specific scenario was also a challenge when multiple versions of the documents were scattered over emails, post-its, and shared drives.

For annual audits, they needed to conduct and track the renewal process on time. Without any automated alert system, it was nearly impossible for various teams to be vigilant and complete the process in due time. In the absence of a single source to manage documents, sharing the audit evidence with the clients took a lot of work.


Provana’s IPACS, an automated compliance management solution, helps the firm house all their policies, SOPs, and audit evidence in one place. Their staff can easily search and access the updated documents for acknowledgment or reference anytime. IPACS also enables the firm to track and pull the reports of the document’s status for attestation across the organization. A centralized system provides complete control of change management.

Provana’s built-in training and testing offering accommodates their training and certification needs across the organization during onboarding of new members and ongoing updates for the existing employees. Automated alerts notify the staff of relevant departments about the changes in policies and SOPs. They can log into the system to complete the tests or attestation. Having an alert system in place for annual renewals, IPACS saves the administrators considerable time and manual work to focus on other critical areas.

During annual audits, the firm uses IPACS to showcase the audit evidence per the client’s requirements. Clients express their appreciation for the systematic display of compliance functions, ensuring the availability of accurate, updated info with just a few clicks. With all the documents stored and managed from a single location, the firm can easily comply with every audit requirement.


The creditor’s rights firm streamlined their policies and processes while transforming their workflow into an audit friendly one. With a centralized system, their training, certifications, and audit preparedness became much more sophisticated. Some of the impacts are the following:

  • Ease of search and access of the policies and SOPs for the staff for reference or attestation
  • Automated training and certifications meet their compliance goals and provide better utilization of time for the administrators
  • Better credibility in front of the clients with a more systematic approach during annual audits


Policy and Procedure management and simplified Training management


Increase in operational efficiency

Holistic View

From centralized processes across the organization

“Our team has experienced an elevation in efficiency and organization with IPACS, we continue to find ways to customize it to our needs and the analytics provides us with a better picture of our status in training vendor management and other compliance areas.”

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David Owen
Chief Administrative Officer, McCarthy Holthus