Learn & Grow

Great learning experiences start with a great vision. We at Provana are firm believers
that no matter how good you are, getting better never stops.

In- House L&D Team

Our in-house L&D team provides development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills and enrich the organization.

In-House LMS

We have an extensive learning management system, which acts as a one stop solution for all learning needs.

Leadership Development Programs

Provana endorses nurturing in-house talent. This program aims at providing potential employees with opportunities for career advancement to become future leaders.


This program aims to imbibe learning & ensure employees are better equipped to perform their job, evolve & be motivated.

Let's Connect- Mental Wellbeing Program

A program that aims at taking a step towards accentuating good mental health for our workforce.

Many More

Apart from these, we run many other upskilling programs that help employees become a better version of themselves.