Litigation Support Services

Expert Support For The Entire Litigation Process

Between the rising cost of labor and compliance, declining fees, inconsistent placement volume and increased client expectations, it’s become harder for collection and foreclosure firms to sustain profitability. As a result, many are unable to staff effective litigation support that could increase fees and bolster their bottom line.

Our litigation support services offer effective and affordable support when you need it. Using our Perfect Employee® outsourcing model, we provide a highly trained, compliant workforce to support every part of the litigation life cycle – from placement through final resolution of the account. Depending on volume, your firm can increase or decrease capacity, paying only for the staff that’s needed.

Litigation support

We provide a wide range of pre- and post-judgment litigation support. Our services include:

Litigation support provider


  • Pre-attorney suit review
  • Suit assembly
  • Default request
  • Stipulations
  • Alias preparation
  • Service follow-up and review
  • Electronic filing


  • Judgment entry
  • Garnishment preparation and filing
  • Garnishment answer review
  • Judgment review and validation for placed accounts
  • Property sale for foreclosure

Support For Every Part Of The Collection Litigation Process

Covering every phase of debt recovery litigation, our legal process outsourcing services are the product of our years of experience and deep expertise in the collections industry.

Document Processing

We retrieve required documents from client portals, attach them to your accounts and review them to determine if they meet firm, venue-specific and case type requirements. If not, we initiate a document request. The completed file is reviewed by an attorney.

Suit Review And Preparation

Once a demand period has expired, we review accounts to ensure they meet the requirements for litigation. After a thorough review, we prepare a complete suit packet, including documentation, exhibits and media for final attorney review.

Electronic Filing And Retrieval

Once approved by an attorney, we e-file all your documents. We also retrieve all documents filed with the court, attach them to your imaging platform, update relevant account details and prepare a packet to send for service.

Judgment And Hearing Support

We review cases and prepare hearing packets for uncontested cases, referring only the most complicated back to your legal team. After the hearing, we enter the results into your system. We also prepare default judgment request packets for final attorney approval and enter the judgment information into your system along with any balance adjustments.

Post-Judgment Support

We can assist with bank and wage garnishments, property liens and receiverships. We also offer support with asset location and verification and post-garnishment motions, including turnover orders, orders for continuing liens and orders to condemn funds. We support property sales, including organizing auctions, scheduling and reviewing appraisals and handling sheriff's deeds and title insurance.

Quicker Timelines, Faster Payments

Firms that liquidate accounts fast enjoy increased revenue and market share. Our flexible staffing allows you to maintain optimal timelines throughout the litigation process for quicker resolution. Our services can also help improve profitability by:

  • Lowering the cost of performing the same tasks in-house by more than 35%
  • Saving valuable time during the litigation process, resulting in earlier payments
  • Freeing your legal team to focus on casework rather than document review and processing
  • Allowing you to reduce staff when volume is low
Litigation support Quicker timelines

Experienced Litigation Support You Can Count On


We process about

Documents a month.


We review and prepare over

Suits a month.


We e-file over

Documents a month in 30 states.


We enter over

Judgments per month.

Faster Timelines Mean Quicker Payment

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