MRS BPO Taps Provana for Automated e-OSCAR Dispute ManagementCompliance Management


MRS BPO, LLC is a leading accounts receivable management (ARM) firm that leverages a unique combination of experience, technology and compliance management to achieve productive, high-quality engagements with consumers. An early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI) for conversational intelligence, MRS BPO prides itself on rigorous training that ensures customers have a pleasant and informative experience throughout their collections journey.


As a consumer reporting agency, MRS BPO was searching for a technology partner that could help them manage a broad scope of e-OSCAR dispute channels, including calls, email, traditional mail, and web-based disputes, in addition to communications directly from third party clients.

Although the firm places top priority on compliance and reporting, traditional dispute management methods prevented staff from addressing claims in a timely manner, and manual coding techniques were leading to reporting errors. MRS BPO wanted a partner with both technical know-how and a breadth of experience to help benchmark performance compared to others in the industry.


Working with Provana, MRS BPO established productivity benchmarks and set goals based on industry norms. The firm also gained insight into dispute data, beyond typical disclosures from credit reporting agencies. The result is near real-time intelligence for MRS BPO’s leadership that helps them focus on hot spots and address disputes more rapidly.

“We use our custom dashboards every day,” said Stacy Lewis, VP of QA and Customer Service at MRS BPO. “Visualizing our productivity and benchmarking against industry standards is incredibly valuable for our weekly executive team discussions.”

The company’s 300 agents now have access to in-depth knowledge of credit reporting and disputes, facilitating more productive, data-driven conversations with consumers.


Before implementing Provana, MRS BPO agents were often deleting disputes due to lack of knowledge. With Provana’s e-OSCAR dispute management solution, the agency has increased payments and consumer satisfaction.

“We were immediately impressed with what Provana brought to the table,” said Lewis. “With Provana, we’ve reduced our dispute response time down from 28 days to 7 days and have been able to pivot resources to other tasks beyond manual dispute tracking.”

Previously requiring 3 FTEs to handle disputes volume to now fully managed by Provana MRS BPO has been able to pivot employees to a dedicated collector role and another to focus on QA, using their knowledge to review complaints and calls to ensure agents are following talk-offs and compliance SOPs.

7 Day

Dispute response time, down from 28

Fully managed

Down from 3 FTEs to fully managed dispute resolution by Provana


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