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Simplify collections and improve revenues with our omnichannel, self-service collection portal.

The IConnect247

The IConnect247® Web Portal and Mobile App

Collect from consumers across platforms – through a revolutionary self-service solution that gets you more collections through lesser manpower.

Your consumers have repayments lined up – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be happy while paying them! Through an omnichannel approach and multiple touchpoints, we help you seamlessly include technology into processes – helping you improve collection rates at lower costs. With features like live chat, text and push notifications, automated negotiations, and more – we’ll help you digitize payments like never before!

IConnect247® partners see a direct 10% reduction in their average manpower cost


Consumer contact solutions for innovative agencies

Technology-driven consumer contact solutions for collection.

100% compliant - throughout

Our solutions are 100% compliant to leading industry standards - so your back is always covered!

Integrates across providers

Your existing gateway gets augmented by IConnect247® - ensuring that technology is never a roadblock.

Change today with IConnect247®