Maximize Settlements On Your PI Cases

For companies that need to handle medical records on behalf of their clients, managing large swaths of data and medical charts amid capacity constraints, maintaining productivity and profitability is challenging.

We specialize in the extraction and cataloging of all relevant data from your client’s medical records, bills, physician notes, and wage documents. We then craft a demand letter that highlights every piece of information that will strengthen and increase the value of the claim. All relevant diagnostic (ICD) and treatment (CPT) coding is catalogued, as well as all diagnostic testing (X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI), and surgical procedures.

Maximize settlement
Maximize Optimised

Optimize Your Practice To Achieve Scale

  • Hand off the hiring, training, onboarding and managing of staff
  • Expedite turnaround times to proactively meet deadlines
  • Take on additional work without hiring new paralegals
  • Benefit from a highly trained staff that’s experienced and efficient

How It Works

What You Provide To Us:

  • Police Report Documents
  • All Related Medical Records and Bills
  • Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Records and Bills
  • Details of Duties Under Duress
  • Lost Wage Information
  • Photos of Injuries and/or Damages
  • Letter of Representation

What You Get Back:

  • Demand Letter- Includes highly organized timeline of hospitalizations, doctor visits, surgeries, diagnostic testing, medications, treatments, therapies, lost wages and expenses.
  • Noteworthy Considerations Document –
    itemized, dated report highlighting red flags, concerns, or inconsistencies found within
    records and documents provided.

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