Personal Injury Support Services

Expert Support for the Entire Litigation Process

It’s become increasingly difficult to hire back office staff. With inconsistent case volume and increased client expectations it’s harder than ever for Personal Injury law practices to maintain profitability. Shortage in litigation support staff increases fees, constrains the firm and damages the bottom line.

Veterans Benefits, Social Security Benefits, Disability, Workers Comp, Accidental Injury, Medical Malpractice, and Mass Tort — our expert litigation support services offer effective and affordable support when you need it. Using our Perfect Employee outsourcing model, we serve over 200 law firms with a highly trained, compliant workforce to support every part of the litigation life cycle – from intake through trial. Depending on volume, your firm can increase or decrease capacity, paying only for the staff that’s needed.


Support For Every Part Of The Litigation Process

Covering every phase of personal injury litigation, our legal process outsourcing services are the product of our years of experience supporting law firms.

Medical Records

We manage records requests and organize all medical information with chronologies, hyperlinking, and summaries. We adopt your policies, procedures, and SOPs with respect to medical data handling. Our operation is SOC2 and HIPAA compliant, with world-class information security practices.

Document Review and Preparation

Discovery requests and responses, suit and motion preparation, medical expert packages, ongoing client communication, document organization. We can help with essentially all things related to the review and preparation of documents.

Electronic Filing and Retrieval

Once approved by an attorney, we e-file all your documents. We also retrieve all documents filed with the court or administrative agency, associate them to client accounts within your CMS and/or document management system, attach them to your imaging platform, update relevant account details and prepare a packet to send for service.

Operations Management

We manage your policies and procedures, mail processing, daily mail and document indexing, data analytics, court calendaring. Automated call analytics and call recording provide advanced insights into marketing campaign and litigation process effectiveness.

Legal Tech Products

In addition to managing your litigation support processes, Provana is a tech product company, specializing in call recording & analytics, omnichannel CX platforms, legal document processing, e-filing, analytics and vendor governance products. Automation can be even more effective than trained personnel.

New Client Intake

We scale your intake call center to match your marketing campaigns. Provide new account setup, data entry, and document preparation. Our tech platforms can add omni-channel communication for onboarding and servicing clients via digital means.

Bigger Intake Plus Faster Payments

Firms that attract the most and the best accounts fast enjoy increased revenue and market share. Our flexible staffing allows you to maintain optimal timelines throughout the intake, onboarding and litigation process for quicker resolution. Our services can also help improve profitability by:

  • Lowering the cost of performing the same tasks inhouse by more than 35%
  • Saving valuable time during the litigation process, resulting in earlier decisions
  • Freeing your legal team to focus on casework rather than document review and processing
  • Allowing you to reduce staff when volume is low

Learn How Our Litigation Support Services Can Make You More Profitable