See How Scott & Associates Forecast Their Collection Volume to Keep Their Liquidity in Check with the Help of Provana’s BI SolutionBusiness Intelligence


Scott & Associates (S&A) is a multi-state legal recoveries law firm serving the needs of national, state, and local financial institutions. The firm is a compliance-centric, legal recoveries practice with a focus on both original issuer and national debt buyer clients.  




Before using Provana’s BI solution, S&A ran their analytics from their internal legal platform – which was slow, clumsy, and heavy. They were also low on product innovation as they did not have the required resources or expertise.  

They were unable to get timely insights to plan corrective actions due to limited data visibility. Monitoring the various stages of the legal lifecycle was challenging for them to get a holistic view of their collections and recovery process. Due to these factors, it was difficult for them to optimize their collection processes and address gaps as soon as they occurred. 




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Cost Savings

Minimal spend on BI mainteneance and customization

Increased operational Efficiency

BI reports brings more data visibility and informed decision making

Attorney Scorecards

Custom scorecards for overall performance management