See How Smith Debnam Law Enhanced their Agent Productivity with Provana’s Data Driven ReportingBusiness Intelligence


Smith Debnam Law is a multi-practice law firm with over 50 years of experience helping clients resolve legal issues. They have extensive experience in state and federal courts across a diverse list of practice areas including consumer collections, foreclosures, commercial bankruptcy etc.  


Smith Debnam Law wanted to have complete visibility of file placement lifecycle data and reduce manual processes. This was needed to scale their operations and improve productivity. Not every account yields the same collection dollars, as it depends on several factors – debtor’s financial condition, debt amount etc. Therefore, agents need to prioritize their efforts and focus more on accounts with a higher rate of return – and that is possible only when their manual work is reduced.   

With their existing technology stack, it was not easy to identify accounts with high payment propensity and prioritize efforts and resources in the right direction. 

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