Turn your calls into actionable insights

A robust, scalable call recording platform to transform your contact center

Sonic View



of customers prefer phone contact for customer service, despite faster modes of communication



companies believe that archiving calls and texts keeps them compliant with record retention policies



of companies deploy an archiving solution/call recording software to efficiently respond to compliance audits

Lack of technology in your call center is not ‘traditional’, It’s a handicap.

Why Your Business Should Record Calls

Quality Assurance

Recording calls ensures best practices and training

Evidence of Transactions

Important proof for phone-based transactions


Record threats and abusive calls

SonicView features

  • Automated report delivery
  • Mono or Stereo recording
  • Detailed call activity reporting
  • Works with all phone systems
  • On-demand recording capabilities
  • Easy-to-install, configure, and manage
  • A simple, intuitive browser-based interface
  • High-quality call recording at a high compression rate
  • Various means to share recordings internally and externally
  • Enhanced search and playback capabilities
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Who uses SonicView

& Construction Companies

Record transactions involving order processing, customer authorization for use of credit card, shipping dates and products ordered.

& Insurance Offices

SonicView provides proof of calls for dispute resolution and testimonial recordings, such as client/witness depositions for better and more efficient resolution.

& Health-support Providers

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA); patient/doctor interactions; proof of scheduling calls with registered providers.

& Mortgage/Leasing Offices

Regulatory compliance for brokers; note authorizations to safeguard non-public information; verification and proof of monetary transactions.

Call Centers

Training of agents using real-world situations; scoring, grading and call comparison to analyze agent performance.

Schools and Airports

Threats and abusive calls can be recorded for immediate review and decision-making for response personnel

SonicView’s robust call recording solution helps you


Get Direct Productivity Insights

What does not get measured, does not improve. With the ability to access, replay, grade and supervise calls, managers have a direct line of sight into what’s happening on the floor, and monitor employees’ interactions with consumers. Effortlessly know what’s going right, and use it to fix what’s going wrong!


Grade, Evaluate, and Analyze Recordings

Exercise superior quality control by the ability to sample calls, and grading and analyzing them. With SonicView, you can examine conversations made by your agents and implement an accessible Quality Control program. Our recording software also equips you to grade individual calls, which further helps in providing training and assessment to your agents..


Maintain PCI Compliance

Maintain PCI compliance with the ability to stop recording during an exchange of sensitive information, erase part of the recording which contain sensitive information, or mark certain recordings as sensitive and render them “unqueriable”.

Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience

Easily extract and email conversation snippets, providing an easy way to use real-life scenarios and conversations during sales training and staff meetings. Don’t wait for customer complaints to come in - pre-emptively address difficult situations and disgruntled customers by monitoring and listening to your employees’ conversations.


Make every agent your best one!

Easily mark successful calls and ineffective calls and export them to be used in group meetings to help train and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Employees can also listen to their own recordings and learn self-improvements by analyzing their successful key points in a conversation and also their weaknesses.

Gather Insights With Automated Call Recording