Speech Analytics 2.0

Beyond the basics: Using speech for CFPB compliance

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If you have any number of agents working with consumers, It is virtually impossible to ensure compliance without speech analytics. Old methods of manual QA are expensive and ineffective. Automation gives you 100% call review to ensure safe interactions.

In this half hour webinar, we will have Valle Martin share her experiences deploying the leading speech analytics platform for CFPB compliance – Provana ICAP. She will discuss platform selection, deployment, and share her initial findings. Deepak will moderate the discussion.


Director of Compliance Valor Intelligent Processing

With over 15 years of experience, Valle has been involved in day to day compliance challenges of the collections business. She’s an expert on FCC, CFPB, BBB and other industry compliance issues.

Practice Leader – Consumer Experience Solutions, Provana

Deepak has about 18 years of experience with Contact Center background and deep expertise in leveraging technology to improve operations. He offers spectrum of observations and perspectives from the ARM industry.

Speech Analytics 2.0

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