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A leading collections agency specializing in the healthcare space experienced tremendous growth over the past ten years and was looking for a solution to help with operational scale. Leveraging a unique approach to the market combined with a heavily analytics-driven management philosophy, the agency knew they needed a technology-enabled partner that also had deep-rooted experience in their industry.

“It’s a game-changer to have a technology platform we can tailor to our unique needs,” said the account review and claims manager of the agency. “We work in a rapidly changing environment that can fluctuate daily. With Provana, we have peace of mind that any need or request we bring to the table will be considered and implemented, if possible, to ensure our operations are working smarter, not harder.”


In the post-pandemic environment, the collections agency needed to rapidly scale their workforce to handle e-OSCAR dispute management, including investigating and responding to claims. The firm was also looking for a technology partner to help give their team web-based access to dispute information and automate many related manual processes, such as file transfer. With a lean yet effective IT team, the agency required a partner who was already CFPB-compliant and could be flexible to their specific needs.


Already experienced working with the IPERFORM Analytics platform for business intelligence, the agency liked the idea of consolidating its solutions with Provana and the familiar functionality offered by the IPACS automated compliance management system. As an added, immediate benefit, the agency’s IT department already knew how to customize Provana’s technology stack for each module and gateway required to process items like direct and indirect disputes, for example.

The team was able to get IPACS up and running quickly to monitor daily inventory and productivity for e-OSCAR dispute management. With all their dispute data in a single dashboard, the collections agency saved over 6,000 labor hours in just three months. Looking forward, the collections agency plans to use IPACS as a forecasting and staffing tool that predicts the needs of the firm based on monthly performance metrics.


Lower dispute volume while boosting productivity


Reporting across all medical debt categories

“Our team has experienced an elevation in efficiency and organization with IPACS, we continue to find ways to customize it to our needs and the analytics provides us with a better picture of our status in training vendor management and other compliance areas.”

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David Owen
Chief Administrative Officer, McCarthy Holthus