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The Bureaus, Inc. (TBI) is a trusted leader in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. They are one of the leading servicers for performing and non-performing receivables portfolios. They work on behalf of lenders to manage the recovery of non-performing accounts through their established network of legal and non-legal service providers.


Managing and maintaining media with a network of servicers can be an exceptionally manual and labor-intensive task. TBI shares a large volume of accounts within their servicer network daily. These accounts have multiple support media files and are critical to driving recovery but streamlining these files can be difficult due to the following reasons:

  • Sharing the relevant media files at placement and recalling them from one servicer to another is a complex, time-consuming process
  • Identifying the correct media file amongst thousands of accounts with bulk download is tiresome. Sending a notification whenever a new media file is available with bulk download makes it even more challenging.


Media Cabinet helps the TBI team manage a central and secure interface for media storage, streamlining & exchange management. TBI can upload, maintain, manage, assign, track, and share media with servicers. It provides a detailed view of the media by accounts. Automated bulk uploading and downloading is also supported with the platform.


Working with Provana, TBI and its service providers can:

  • Upload media files into a central portal where media can be managed and assigned to different servicers
  • Auto-assign accounts to servicers
  • Securely download media files and keep them updated
  • Get notified whenever a servicer is assigned a new media file
  • Filter media based on account, type, or date for easier management
  • Effectively and securely manage all files without limitations on data volume or number of records
  • Generate quick previews before downloading files
  • Revoke access to media whenever there is a recall of an account from a servicer
  • Eliminate maintenance and storage costs



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Of workflows automated


Automated sync process


Manual errors in media allocation