Three Key Speech Analytics Trends to Track in 2024

Three Key Speech Analytics Trends To Track In 2024

Why should you track Speech Analytics Trends?

If you are a collection business that is expanding, staying aware of emerging speech analytics trends in 2024 will be crucial to building a more successful collection future in an AI-reliant world.

The collections industry is undergoing major changes and the year 2024 promises even more transformation. UDAAP, FDCPA, and the CFPB’s increased focus on sound consumer protection practices, when combined with the digital-first approach to consumer finance by lenders in the current economy, presents a challenging landscape for collections business. To remain successful, debt collectors must adapt to emerging technologies like speech analytics and make the most of their existing tech investment

Amidst the evolving collection landscape, these three trends  will set the stage in 2024:

  1. Understand the growing adoption of Speech Analytics
  2. How can you blend human resources with technology
  3. Top reasons why businesses use Speech Analytics