One of The Top 5 Auto Finance Lenders in USA Leverage Provana’s Audit & Compliance Management Solution for Comprehensive Third-Party Supplier OversightCompliance Management


Provana’s Audit & Compliance Management Solution is trusted and deployed by one of the foremost auto finance lenders in the United States, ranked within the top five. They leverage Provana’s solution to ensure comprehensive oversight of their third-party suppliers for effectively managing audit and compliance activities. 


The auto finance lender did not have adequate resources in terms of experience and bandwidth to focus on the supplier’s compliance oversight. They did not have automated workflows for flagging high-risk areas and were looking for a partner who possesses a skilled workforce and a solid technology platform.  

 They also struggled with their manual processes, including audits for third-party suppliers, information exchange, tracking audit timelines & non-conformities, and conducting remediations for effective risk management.  

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High risk findings remediated
for 20 collection agencies


Cost savings by leveraging
skilled Provana experts

Scale staff up or down

Leverage human resources as
per your workload to meet
fluctuating demands